Bringing up Bébé

This book wasn’t too much of a shock as it was more of a “hey, you’re not alone or crazy” which was nice. With all the hype and fearmongering and just plain bad advice out there that parents, especially new parents, are bombarded with when they are starting down this journey. Bringing up Bébé was […]


Design Survey Results

Design is now firmly ingrained as a vital component of company building—cross-functionally, at the highest levels, and at the earliest stages. And it’s far more than pretty pixels. The rest of the survey has a lot of things that I’ve been saying for years, feels good to be validated by over 400 companies. They did […]


Not Paleo, but dang good Cheesy Mushroom Omelettes

This morning I thought I’d make something a little different for Rachel and I. Cheesy Mushroom Omelettes The ingredients: Kerrygold Butter, Boursin, Farm raised happy chicken eggs, Baby portobello mushrooms, Organic whole milk First I washed and then cut the mushrooms, got the pan hot, added a tablespoon of butter, and then tossed the mushrooms in […]


Paleo Omaha

The paleo food movement is a little lacking in Omaha, let’s change that. Check out this set of books on the topic and let’s change how we eat here in Nebraska. As for restaurants, we now have Evolve Paleo which is pretty fantastic. Just found another set of books here. Good deal all around. Know […]