This is my blog. Topics covered will vary greatly depending on what is going on but will range from the insanity of politics to rational Austrian economics to Ruby on Rails, Django, and VueJS, Angular, or even EmberJS development and to other even more geeky subject matters like teaching or gardening. Should be fun!

Making friends over the Ganges in India

Travis is a husband, software engineer, web architect/designer/developer and Ruby enthusiast, camper, hunter, Capitalist, Christian, FairTax proponent, statist opponent, and all around nice guy. He is proficient in a wide array of programming languages and tools. He also finds time to travel and has big plans for his 7.5 acre slice of the American Dream.

Our three ladies with their personalities on full display at the gardens

Content here is my own unless otherwise noted or obviously quoted/sourced and may not reflect the views or opinions you hold or the views/opinions of those I work with/for. You are free to not read/view the content on this site, you are not free to not be offended. You are free to your opinion, you are not free to force that on others. We all need to follow a few rules in a civil society, of these I think it comes down to two principles 1) Don’t Hurt People and 2) Don’t Take Their Stuff (Thanks Matt Kibbe).

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