Happy birthday my love. You are such an amazing bride and now such a great mother. I knew already that you were fierce. I love that about you. But being there to witness you deliver our son, Micah, in my eyes you are a warrior. Even through all the unplanned events around his arrival you stayed positive, radiant, and amazing. Micah has such a wonderful and beautiful woman to call his mom. I could not be more proud of you.

So here we are, another trip around the sun, and I am more in love with you each year. It’s been amazing to be your husband and see who you become each day as we continue on this adventure of life. The greatest gift you have given me is the opportunity to love you as you continue change. You are the same you, just better. I hope that I have changed for the better over these years of us being together too. Now that we are embarking on a new chapter in our lives as parents I can’t wait to see you shine even more. You already do.

Happy birthday, Rachel. Micah and I love you very much.

— T