Paleo Omaha

The paleo food movement is a little lacking in Omaha, let’s change that. Check out this set of books on the topic and let’s change how we eat here in Nebraska.

As for restaurants, we now have Evolve Paleo which is pretty fantastic.

Just found another set of books here. Good deal all around.

Know of someplace I’m missing? Please leave a comment below!

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great topic travis. I was serious into paleo a couple of years ago then I had gallbladder issues. After having it removed I had lost too much weight and had to eat for weight gain which threw me off course. i have always had high cholesterol and triglycerides and the paleo diet amazingly brought my numbers to normal and near normal levels. I still incorporate many attributes in my diet. Organic eggs. Kerrygold butter. Coconut oil. Grass fed beef. Vegitables Etc. i really love grass fed beef. I just need to commit fully to it again as I am sure carbs/sugar I have been eating have affected my blood work again. Growing up in the 70’s I was raised in sugar and I have a hard time with that aspect of it. That was the main reason originally for trying paleo. As a resource I use marks daily Apple online. Excuse any typos. Did this on my phone.


Thanks for dropping by and starting the discussion. Amen to the Kerrygold butter, organic eggs, and coconut oil! Great stuff.
Have you tried juicing?

Eat fit go is on 180th and dodge. Not sure if it’s organic, but it’s healthy food on the go

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