For once, let the woodpecker win

This morning I was looking out the window on this rather bleak and gray day, heavy with the promise of crappier weather to come and the bane of everyone’s existence; snow. Then on a branch holding a bird feeder, I saw a small fight break out.

Squirrel vs Red Headed Woodpecker

In my wasted youth I recall games like Mortal Kombat and watching the scene before me I pictured a screen overlay stating “FIGHT!” and the squirrel and woodpecker were at opposite ends of the branch. Facing each other. Unyielding.

Now, let me be clear on one thing, I’m not a fan of woodpeckers. They have destroyed a portion of my exterior walls on my house, this will not be a cheap fix in the spring when it is no longer drearily cold and punishing to leave the safety and warmth of my home, but I digress. I’m not a fan of those birds. Or, really, any bird that is not producing eggs for me to eat. I do kinda miss my chickens. Turns out that everyone likes chicken, especially hawks and coyotes. Jerks.

Anyway, back to the fight scene. I was watching this unfold for just a few seconds. The steely gaze of the unblinking, unflinching eye of the red head and the twitching tail of the squirrel trying to scare off the bird. This was cheap entertainment ya’ll. But then, those bushy tailed tree rats teamed up and cheated! Two more of them came up from behind the woodpecker. What nerve!

We have no less than five bird feeders out there (figured if I’m feeding the woodpecker they will not be interested in pecking holes in my siding) and these three tree rats decide they are going to fight this one bird for the prize of some seeds.

So I did what any fan of justice would do, I opened the window and voiced my concern. I’m not proud of it. I insulted the mother of those squirrels and questioned the legitimacy of their birth. Yep, sure did. Scared them off though, and the woodpecker took off too. He returned a moment later while the squirrels kept running out of the yard towards the woods.

The woodpecker and I shared a moment, eyes locked. I nodded and he started eating.

Peace, it seems, between the woodpeckers and I has been purchased with some seed, a feeder, and some insults at squirrels. Whatever works I guess.

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Not Paleo, but dang good Cheesy Mushroom Omelettes

This morning I thought I’d make something a little different for Rachel and I. Cheesy Mushroom Omelettes

The ingredients: Kerrygold Butter, Boursin, Farm raised happy chicken eggs, Baby portobello mushrooms, Organic whole milk


First I washed and then cut the mushrooms, got the pan hot, added a tablespoon of butter, and then tossed the mushrooms in there and let them simmer down a bit. I set them aside and got to work on the eggs.


Two eggs, and about a tablespoon or so of milk. I don’t know. I didn’t measure. Just wing it. Err on the side of not too much.

Get the pan hot, add a tablespoon of butter and let that melt and coat the pan. Make sure the pan is HOT and then add the eggs mixture. Don’t let it just sit there, use a rubber spatula to lift up parts of it to let the rest run under what you have lifted; repeat all around until doneish. This goes quick so FOCUS!

Once it’s pretty well done remove from heat and fold a little over, add some cheese and mushrooms, fold more, repeat until it’s completely folded. Then slide that off onto a plate, add a little more cheese on top because YOLO. Also, cheese. [nods to self] and viola! Enjoy!

Paleo Omaha

The paleo food movement is a little lacking in Omaha, let’s change that. Check out this set of books on the topic and let’s change how we eat here in Nebraska.

As for restaurants, we now have Evolve Paleo which is pretty fantastic.

Just found another set of books here. Good deal all around.

Know of someplace I’m missing? Please leave a comment below!

Photo session awesomeness

Check out this great photo session by Kina! Bonus points if you leave a comment on her blog letting her and us know what you think!

Kina does great work and you should contact her for all your photography needs. She is such a joy to work with and also a dear friend.

On Voting

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” –Samuel Adams (1781)

First real banana

First real Guatemalan banana.
Legend. Wait for it.

Dary! Legendary. Soooooo good.


Hyperinflation in Bolivia

In case you did not know what inflating the money supply will do. Like what our FED is doing with QE3… ’cause we all know that QE1 and QE2 worked so well.