Nursery Update

The girls really like this window, they have since before we started working on the room. I think it’s because the window is low enough they can keep an eye on things and we usually keep it open from early spring to late fall. It’s really cute to watch them sitting side by side and looking out the window. Aspen usually just hangs out with them and sniffs through the window. I’m looking forward to seeing them at this window with our little one. I can see them listening to him/her reading a book while all four of them sit by this window. Our kid already has a pack and I’m sure they will love and protect ’em with all they have to give. It’s kinda their jam.

Anyway, just wanted to post an update on the nursery and specifically the chair as that project is now complete. Below are a few before and after shots.

What? I painted a chair. A fabric rocking/gliding chair.

How? With interior latex paint. And fabric paint medium added to the paint… and lots of water and patience.

Where? The pictures are below!