Libya, you’re on notice

Do things like this and you are saying to us, “Please come and kill us”.

Moron crying out for a bullet to the brain

Pretty clear to me that you don’t want to talk since you killed our Ambassador.

So, I guess our response is one of the following:

  1. MOAB
  2. Daisy Cutter
  3. Neutron Bomb
  4. Nuclear Bomb
  5. Cruise Missiles

I follow some pretty simple rules as far as foreign policy goes.

First off, don’t attack an Embassy, that’s an act of war. Also, don’t kill Ambassadors, that too is an act of war.

Thirdly, if you and your group of haters can’t handle the truth of your perverted ‘prophet‘ coming out or an ‘image‘ of him you need to grow a pair and get some thicker skin. You do not have the right to not be offended. Read up on the truth: History of Muhammad, Myths of Islam, what the Koran says about violence, side-by-side comparison of Islam and Christianity, top 10 reasons Islam is awesome… or not, how pure Muhammad was, and how loyal Muslims are to non-Muslim governments. All are required reading before posting a stupid comment to this posting. Educate yourself and know what you are talking about, then we can talk.

Fourth, the ratio. You kill an American, we select one of your cities to destruction at random. Repeat as necessary. End of math lesson. Through attrition we would have peace. Not pretty, but in the end, effective.

We do not actively go out and seek to get you mad and flying planes into our buildings. We do not actively go out and seek to subjugate you under a one world ‘religion’ like Islam does. We want to conduct our business in peace and want to be friends. Yes we have made mistakes, but we’re not evil. We’re doing the best we can. Apparently our next course of action is to destroy your dirt bag country. You sad, sad people. So blinded by your hatred inculcated by your ‘religion of peace‘. Sick.

Well, say hello death, ’cause it’s coming.

^ at least, that’s the speech I would give moments before I’d detonate their country if I were President. So, I guess I won’t get any votes as I’ll be labelled too extreme or not compassionate. Compassion belongs to the families of those that were murdered by an ideology of hatred for the good. Any Liberal should at least see that if they have any sense in them, but they too tend to side with those that hate America as they themselves side with Marxism the majority of the time.

The following are some random photos and links of the enlightened group of people calling out for peace and equality.

And death.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Acid Attacks (some images are graphic)

Contradicitons, Islam and Science

Don’t forget 9/11/01 like this idiot kid in Omaha. Much to learn he has.

First Amendment in action. This page sums up the why of this post.