Cruise Scam

Just got a voice mail from (877) 902-1440.

UPDATE: Just got a call from the same morons. Now it is from Seattle, WA at (206) 200-6011. Heads up people.

Google says, “It’s a Trap!”

Admiral Akbar says, “It’s a Trap!”

It's a Trap
It’s a Trap

And my instinct says, “Woo! Free cruise for something I did not enter! Awesome! So, all I have to do is contact you within 24 hours to keep this ‘Opportunity‘? No problem. Let’s see, here’s my social security number, my date of birth, my….”

Not really. Stupid phishing attempt. Sounds like it first hit Florida and now is hitting Nebraska.
Don’t these scammers know we Nebraskans know how to shoot?

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