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Cruise Scam

Just got a voice mail from (877) 902-1440. UPDATE: Just got a call from the same morons. Now it is from Seattle, WA at (206) 200-6011. Heads up people. Google says, “It’s a Trap!” Admiral Akbar says, “It’s a Trap!” And my instinct...

Classes begin

Excited to start a new school year! Expanding the scope of the class from the previous two years to include: Programming Ruby Web Application Development Web Design On top of Graphic Design and Photoshop. Should be fun, but it is a lot to cover in a short amount of...


We lack the ethical maturity to match our technological capabilities.

Traitor cake

Interesting when people say one thing and then buy cake from a competitor. Lame


Back to my roots online with WordPress… Back in the day before the ‘Blogosphere’ was a word and Twitter and Facebook had not yet been born, I was a blogger. Recently, I have found there are things I’d like to chime in about and document/share...